Our client wanted to employ a telephone promoter to contact prospective customers. They needed someone who could develop relationships with key decision makers and then make qualified appointments when the time was right. After investing heavily in recruitment fees and training costs without any return they turned to Xpand. One of our long-standing staff integrated seamlessly into the existing sales team, cleaned up the data, sent emails on the clients behalf, and was soon delivering 10 sales appointments a month.

Background to the customer

An IT service company relaunching after the recent recession.

Who was involved?

The problems

  1. Finding reliable natural promoters
    Unable to find telemarketers that thrived on cold calling, the client had tried recruitment agencies, advertising and existing account managers at considerable expense, but without success.
  2. A platform to identify opportunities at the right time
    Without a system to segregate leads into categories, calls were not made at times when potential customers were most receptive, leads weren't being qualified quickly and many weren't easily identifiable.
  3. Communication of the Company's collateral without involving existing staff
    Nurturing leads requires administration: responses need to be acknowledged and material often needs to be sent. The client did not want to allocate existing resources for this.
  4. A telemarketer experienced in their business sector
    Callers were required with experience of IT services and an understanding of client needs.

How we tackled the problems

  1. Finding reliable natural promoters
    From our experienced appointment setters we selected one with experience in the IT industry.
  2. A platform to identify opportunities at the right time
    Using a state-of-the-art telemarketing platform Xpand is able to collate information quickly and effectively so we knew when to make the next call. The same allocated appointment setter worked on the campaign throughout, thus providing continuity.
  3. Communication of the Company's collateral without involving existing staff
    We sent emails and made arrangements to receive emails on the client's behalf. Pre-agreed templates were uploaded and adjusted according to the outcome of our call. None of the client's staff needed to be involved. By taking on this administration we were able to respond to prospective customers quicker and improve the final campaign results.
  4. A telemarketer experienced in their business sector
    Because our appointment setter was experienced in technical telemarketing and had an understanding of the specific business sector we were able to create a quick and easy rapport with prospects.

Outcomes and impact

Xpand integrated quickly and painlessly into the client sales department, delivering over 70% of the campaign results from the client premises. Revenues have increased, internal sales administration has improved, and control and management of the telephone lead generation programme has become more visible and streamlined.

Next steps

A rolling lead generation and appointing campaign that grows more cost-effective each month as Xpand's client, product and market knowledge increases.

Further information

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