Xpand UnLimited - B2B Sales Appointment Setting Experts

Xpand UnLimited. B2B sales appointment setting experts.

Does your company need more sales appointments? Xpand can help. We have the time, technology and most importantly we have the talent.

Xpand UnLimited acts as an extension to your company's 'new business' strategy, providing you with a consistent stream of high quality leads and appointments.

No more bad telemarketing experiences more.

Are you sceptical about what we can achieve? Had a bad experience? Spent a lot with no return?

Do you find it difficult to put your trust in an agency to ensure results that will increase your bottom line?

For your peace of mind we offer a TEST pilot campaign, keeping your exposure low and giving you complete peace of mind.

Right decision makers with a firm date in the diary more.

Of course you want quick results but you don’t want poorly qualified appointments.

We specialise in appointment setting. We are experts in this final stage of the telemarketing process and have the business acumen to make sure your time is not wasted when attending your pre-arranged meetings. To ensure cost-effective success:

  • You have complete control of your costs.
  • Can turn us on and off as required.
  • There are no hidden costs with your campaigns; we cover all our expenses including meetings with you, phone calls ongoing reports and training.
  • Our results are easily measured and we expect to be judged by them.

Our promise to you "If we don’t think we can win we won’t play" more.

We fully understand the Business to Business sales cycle.

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to establish whether our appointment setting solution is right for you.

Experienced and professional appointment setting more.

Prior to the campaign we spend as much time as is needed to ensure we thoroughly understand your product, company values and sales proposition.

This allows us to:

  1. Give the correct impression that we are a marketing arm of your business.
  2. Confidently and positively represent you.
  3. Be persuasive but not pushy.
  4. Make sure we move quickly on live opportunities.
  5. Keep calls organised and your message clear.

For your peace of mind we offer a TEST pilot campaign, keeping your exposure low and giving you complete peace of mind.

Contact us today on 0118 321 4304.

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"Jazz Dhillon and his team at Xpand really are experts at appointment setting; genuine, honest and professional. Just give them a good brief and see the results, you will not be disappointed."

Richard Denny read more

Data cleansing

Did you know that 35% of business data becomes obsolete within a year?
Data cleansing can be very labour intensive. If you require extra man power then give us a call. We are familiar with the majority of database platforms and will return your list back to you like new.


Lead generation

Could your sales team be converting more prospects to accounts if they were calling qualified leads?
Your sales team is extremely valuable and you can't afford to have it wasting selling time gathering basic information and talking to the wrong people.


Appointment setting

Do you need more sales appointments?
80% of our business is appointment setting. Pay for your appointments and not our time. We keep things simple and are very flexible - turn us on when you need more appointments and turn us off when you are inundated.