An international client needed a high volume of calls to reach the right contacts, qualify, and then get them into the sales funnel. An in-house team of three outbound telemarketers couldn't generate sufficient quality leads. So Xpand created a lead generation process that worked: providing over 100 quality leads. 48% of these new leads are now in the sales funnel and the balance is being nurtured. Anticipated revenue from this small campaign is over £2m.

Background to the customer

An international pioneer of software solutions that streamline business operations.

Who was involved?

The problems

  1. Time to make the calls
    There simply weren't enough hours in the day to make the calls necessary to generate the number of sales leads needed.
  2. Getting to the right person
    The contacts needed went under many different titles and were often difficult to locate.
  3. Communication of the results from a lead
    The product has many applications. It was essential to ask the correct questions and lead the conversation to ensure that potential customers were aware of the relevant applications in their businesses. The in-house team were struggling with this.
  4. Quality and motivation of the lead generators
    After a high number of rejections in-house callers became despondent and demotivated. Performance declined and the cost of lead generation became untenable.

How we tackled the problems

  1. Time to make the calls
    Specific times were allocated to the campaign which meant the client knew exactly when he would receive leads. Leads were presented in a form that could be immediately transferred to the client CRM system.
  2. Getting to the right person
    Using Xpand's systems and methodology the correct name was identified if it was different to the contact name provided. Appointment setters used their skills to create a rapport with receptionists, PAs, and line staff to reach decision makers. Information gathered en-route enabled us to be fully briefed about companies needs before we spoke to contacts.
  3. Communication of the results from a lead
    All calls were recorded. By asking the right questions potential customers were persuaded to speak freely about their businesses and software needs. These phone records were passed to the client. This meant the quality of our work could be measured and when contact was made with the prospect our client was fully briefed and knew exactly how to present the product.
  4. Quality and motivation of the lead generators
    Xpand has recruited and trained a team of successful appointment setters who work on commission only. This means they don't waste time. Our client's leads were qualified quickly and effectively.

Outcomes and impact

Xpand generated quality sales leads at a rate the in-house team couldn't match. Their role now is to nourish the leads and close the sale. The sales process is now more efficient and quicker - sales are being closed faster and more frequently.

Next steps

Additionally, Xpand now generates sales leads for other divisions of the business.

Further information

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