Dear Customer,

Telemarketing has a bad reputation that puts many entrepreneurs off.

That's a shame because, If approached correctly - and that means intelligently and sensitively - telemarketing can increase your bottom line enormously. The telephone is by far the most powerful tool you have to nurture and grow customer relationships.

That’s the key word: relationships. Building relationships is an ongoing process and a lot of time and effort is required to sustain and grow them. The telephone is undoubtedly the most common, effective and quickest way to achieve this.

It’s not unusual for a business to see profits double within one to three years if the right telemarketing strategy is used. It’s that powerful.

But choosing the correct telemarketing strategy isn’t easy – here are some guiding principles you may want to follow:

1. Integrate telemarketing as part of your total marketing strategy.

Too many business owners fail to link their telemarketing campaign to existing mail shots and other contacts they already have with prospects.

This is a big mistake, because experience shows time and time again, the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts when all the different strands to a marketing strategy are pulling together.

Your marketing strategy has one purpose and one purpose only: to make you money. To be successful, all areas have to be strategically interlinked for maximum impact.

2. Follow up direct mail with a phone call.

Following up a mail campaign with telephone calls can improve results by 50 – 1000% (yes, one thousand percent - that’s not a misprint).

If you get through to a prospective customer and remind them about the mailing, more often than not they will commit to engage further with you. The letter subconsciously softens them up prior to the phone call.

Use the telephone call to ask questions, gather information and ensure their needs are being met. Everyone likes to feel important, and everyone likes to feel someone cares. And make no mistake: even if you call someone to just make sure they are OK, then they’ll appreciate it.

In fact, a very powerful way of upselling your customers, and for getting referrals is to call after you’ve made a sale, just to make sure things are satisfactory and the customer is happy.

3. Use scripts but be flexible.

Telemarketing scripts are essential and act as a guideline to how you want the phone call to go with a beginning, middle and end to the conversation.

However, what separates the true expert telemarketers is their ability to react and adapt to what is said to them throughout the conversation as no two phone calls are ever the same.

4. Realise that practice makes perfect.

It sounds obvious, but don’t let anyone represent your company without giving them the appropriate training first. Make sure they’re not only properly trained, but are also familiar with your marketing strategy, your business, the offers, and any scripts they’re expected to use.

Practice might take some investment in time and energy but it always pays off, allowing your team to become more confident and you to spot and rectify mistakes before you let them loose on your valued customers.

This process involves investing a lot of your time and energy to get the correct campaign underway but more importantly prevents a lot of headache and problems later down the line.

As mentioned earlier the power of the telephone can't be emphasised enough. As a marketing tool the telephone automatically taps in to our in-built and very human need to communicate.

It’s astounding the amount of businesses that don’t use the telephone to its full potential and those that do have a significant advantage over their competition.

Ultimately we’re talking about the power of a human being picking up the phone and communicating to your customers. Whether that be you, a colleague, or outsourced I strongly recommend you do so.

Naturally, I'm going to conclude by asking you to contact me when you've finished looking through this site to see if we can take care of this aspect of your marketing.

Why? Because we're the best, of course!


Your sincerely
Jazz Dhillon